ST. Paddy’s Day Tea

If you are here, you may have received and email updating you on the status of the March 16th ’20 St Paddy’s T.  If you purchased tickets and did not receive the email (sent 3/20/21) please check your email inbox + bulk folders associated with PayPal or where you typically receive my emails.  You will find most of the content from the email here along with a lot more detail (below in green) and in anticipation of any questions you have there is a Q+A below that. Thanks for taking the time to come here first!

I had a conversation with MaineStreet last November asking if we could reschedule to 3/20/21.  Although they were planning on staying closed until April, they were more than happy to open earlier for us, if we were able to move forward. I started putting together promos and changed my website, but then cases started spiking again.   I waited it out a bit to see if things would change, but it was clear by the end of 2020 that a rescheduled date this year would not be in the cards.

This event is so amazing that it needs to be held when we can ALL be together; smiling, hugging and bumping booty on the dance floor. For that reason, I am opting to push this particular event out to 2022.

At this time, I am offering 2 options to everyone who purchased a ticket. Please read the options, instructions and deadlines carefully and respond by April 20th, 2021.

I would like to hold my credit (full value) with you for:

  1. St Paddy’s 2022 (Your tickets will still have the same policies they always do. See below) The physical tickets will no longer be good for entry, so please discard them. Your name will be on a list at the door the day of the event. You will receive an email confirmation that I received your choice. You will also receive updates as they become available.
  2. A future DJE event between now and December 30st2022 Yes, there will be events this year.  We are waiting for word on what Maine’s restrictions and policies might be in the near future before committing to any dates.  When we are able to host again, MaineStreet and myself, are committed to hosting safe, fully compliant events. Stay tuned! 
  3. DJE or Women’s Weekend merchandise. Hats, T-shirts and more available to choose from. (Ask me for options and pricelists) We have a lot of awesome merch left over from WW 2019 and I had just printed up some  DJ Jodi t-shirts in purple and teal!
  4. A credit towards a private event that you are hosting or gift it to someone you know using my services. If you are planning on hosting a private party this year, put the credit towards a DJ! Maybe you know someone who has hired me to do their wedding.  You are welcome to gift the amount to the couple. 

I would like a refund via

  1. Venmo (full refund). Provide Venmo code and last 4 digits of your phone number.  Venmo is free for both of us, so I am able to do the full amount. If we are not connected already, Venmo will confirm I know you by asking for the last 4 digits of your phone number. 
  2. Check (refund is total ticket prices minus $1 processing fee) Please respond with your legal name and mailing address. Please do not hold on to the check.  Checks are valid for 90 days after the the date it was written.
  3. Paypal (refund is total ticket prices minus $3 for processing fees). Please confirm your email address associated with Paypal.

Responses must be submitted by April 20th, 2021. Requests will be completed/confirmed as they are received. If you are requesting a refund, please be sure you have followed the instructions completely!   If I do not hear from you by April 20th, you will be given a credit towards future DJE events for the full amount of your ticket purchase through December 30th 2022.


I responded to your e-mail. When can I expect to hear from you?  Depending on the volume of emails coming in, it may take up to 4-5days for me to respond.

I responded to your e-mail and it’s taken longer than 4-5days for a response. 1. Check your bulk/junk folder. I have a business email that often gets flagged depending on your filters. 2. Check to be sure you followed instructions in your response. If it was unclear or incorrect, I may pass over it and circle back when I can.

The St Paddy’s T was $15 and most of your other events are $10. Will I lose the $5 if I chose an event other than St Paddy’s? No. Your $5 credit can roll over to another DJE event or you can put it towards a friend’s admission or towards merch.  It may sound complicated, but I have a spreadsheet ready to go that will help keep us organized!

I purchased tickets from someone who was selling them.  Am I able to get a refund?  Yes, but there is an extra step involved here.  I have contacted the person who originally purchased the tickets with this email. Both of you should send the others contact info to me at and any proof of sale either of you have.   If both parties are in agreement, you can choose any of the options above, within the timeframe specified. Physical tickets aren’t proof as they are null + void effective 3/20/21.

Ticket purchase policies:  

All ticket sales are final. No refunds unless the event is cancelled. If you are unable to attend, you may contact DJ Jodi ( -only) within 48hours of the event start time to have your tickets moved to another Tea dance within the same calendar year.   **Exceptions:  You may not move your tickets to St. Paddy’s Tea to Women’s Weekend as that is a partnered event. 

With this being a most unusual circumstance, here’s a little additional info around the policy: As it states all ticket sales are final. No refunds unless the event is cancelled  When an event is postponed and not cancelled, your tickets and their policies move to the new date. If you are unable to attend the postponed date for any reason, you are able to:

1. Gift or sell your tickets to someone looking to buy them.  I will do my best to connect you with a buyer if you’d like to sell them, but the best way is to post your tickets for sale in the event page. You are responsible for arranging the transfer of money and/or tickets.

2. You are also able to move your tickets to a future Tea dance of your choice.  You will need to message me 48hours (or more) prior to the event to let me know this is your preference.  I’ve extended the timeframe of this credit to a full year, instead of within the same year.

3. Put the full value of your ticket(s) towards DJ Jodi merch or toward a private event you hire me to DJ.

Attendance policies

  • You must have a valid ID on you at all times (ME state law)
  • Bags subject to search
  • No beverages of any kind allowed in the building
  • DJE or MeSt staff has the right to refuse admittance or service to anyone visibly intoxicated.
  • Any fights or altercations are grounds for being asked to leave with no reimbursement.

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