ST. Paddy’s Day Tea

We are still working on a new date for St Paddy’s Tea.

I wanted to post a statement and amendment to the Ticket policy below. As it states all ticket sales are final. No refunds unless the event is cancelled, with an option 48hours prior to move your tickets to a future event.  When an event is postponed and not cancelled, your tickets and their policies move to that date. If you are unable to attend the postponed date, you would still have the opportunity to sell and transfer those tickets to a buyer or move to a future date.  Due to the unusual circumstance and last minute postponement of this particular event, I am extending the opportunity to use them for any tea dance taking place prior to the postponed date (Same exception of WW applies).

I will be working on a way to implement the easiest way to reach out to you and make these changes this week.  Thank-you in advance for your patience while I sort this out!

Ticket policies:

All ticket sales are final. No refunds unless the event is cancelled. If you are unable to attend, you may contact DJ Jodi ( -only) within 48hours of event start time to have your tickets moved to another Tea dance within the same calendar year.   **Exceptions: Womens Weekend tickets cannot be moved.  You may not move your tickets to St. Paddy’s Tea or Women’s Weekend Tea.

Attendance policies

  • You must have a valid ID on you at all times (ME state law)
  • Bags subject to search
  • No beverages of any kind allowed in the building
  • DJE or MeSt staff has the right to refuse admittance or service to anyone visibly intoxicated.
  • Any fights or altercations are grounds for being asked to leave with no reimbursement.

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